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Sports Field

AZ Kids camp2Be sure to keep your group active on our athletic/ball field. There is also a covered ramada with tables and chairs available. The ball field is the perfect area for sports, activities, parties, and field games. We also have basketball, sand volleyball and paved volleyball courts, along with horseshoe pits. We provide footballs, basketballs, volleyballs and soccer balls for the ultimate day of fun!

Hiking Trails

ODA9Pinerock Camp and Retreat Center is situated on nearly 61 acres of beautiful terrain. Be sure to spend some time exploring our camp while hiking the beautiful trails throughout the property that climb up and down hills, along streams and through the rocks. There is nothing like a long hike to truly help you appreciate the beauty of God's creation.  


We two options for paintball. Slingshot and CO2. You can rent the paintball field for $10 per person for the day minimum 10 people.

Slingshot Paintball

Ages 13+, $10 per person paintball-webSlingshot Paintball is the best excuse you can have to run around in the woods! Craft a strategy to dodge and eliminate the other team, strategy being the key since you are only able to fire one at a time (like the Revolutionary War when they used muskets)! The cost is very reasonable and the memories will last forever.

CO2 Paintball

Ages 13+, $20 per person Paintball 2If slingshot paintball is not rough enough for you, take your group out for a round of paintball with our CO2 guns. Using the same awesome course as slingshot paintball, up to 20 people can play! Mask, CO2 and 250 paintballs included. Additional paintballs may be purchased. $5 per 100 rounds $10 for 250, $20 gets you 500 rounds and $40 gets you 1000 rounds.  

 Team Building Course

Ages 10+, $12 per person, minimum 10 participants teambuilding webThis is one of the best team building activities a group can experience together. Participants must lean on one another in order to successfully finish the circuit of trust-based activities. There are roughly ten elements on campus that can put your group to the test of team-building. No matter which activities you participate in, your group will gain a greater appreciation for cooperation, teamwork, and trust.

High Ropes Challenge

Ages 10+ (zip line ages 7+), $15 per person, minimum 10 participants Jacob LadderThe ropes course at Pinerock Camp and Retreat Center is facilitated by certified experts to ensure your safety. The course is one of the best in Prescott. Face your fears and experience the ultimate adrenaline rush. Walk on a cable nearly thirty feet in the air or climb the "giant ladder" almost three stories high! You may also brave the "Leap of Faith" - a true test of courage. Finally, speed up to 30 mph on our 300 foot zip line!

Zip Line

Ages 7+, $5 per person, minimum 10 participantsZip Line web Take an exhilarating ride on our zip line.  Getting up to 30 miles an hour on 300 foot zip line.  

Climbing Wall

Ages 5+, $5 per person, minimum 10 participants slide wall webPinerock Camp and Retreat Center has a fantastic climbing wall in the game room - it has four sections that range from beginner to expert and will definitely test your strength and agility!  


Ages 10+, $4 per person archery web 1You’ll be right on target at our new archery range.  Take aim and test your marksmanship skill! There are no compound bows allowed.        

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